When Cows Were Purple

They say that there was a time when cows were purple. Let me tell you all about it.
The purple cows lived peacefully on planet earth, selling flavoured milk to other creatures around them. Back then, Moscow was leading in the milk market.
It so happened, that the dark lord Skunkenstine (also known as Skunky), expanded his rule up to the north of Moorope and to Moscow. He was borderline evil, nasty, and selfish. Skunky took captive every neon purple cow as he wanted all the butterscotch buttermilk for himself; the neon purple cows gave fresh butterscotch buttermilk every Friday morning.
The news of this selfish act spread like spilt milk and made the whole cowmmunity furious. What followed was inevitable. The Purple cows came together and started a moovment against the dark lord Skunkenstine. “Skunky go back!” was heard in every alley, every neighbourhood, and every cowoperative society. As a result of this uproar, Skunky was fearful and summoned for Smor and Hokey, the sons of Oder, whose part time job was that of advisors. Now Smor and Hokey were willing to give wise advice to Skunky for a fair share of the butterscotch buttermilk, but Skunky declined the offer and sent them off, as he indeed was very selfish.
Smor and Hokey reflected and concluded that the source of Skunky’s selfishness was founded in the purpleness of cowkind, so they decided to fix it, and they did.
And that is why cows aren’t purple anymore.

On 'When cows were purple' by Eshita Munshi
(Illustration by Eshita Munshi)

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