The Log and the Glue stick

Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a lonely little log. Now the log was bright, but he wasn’t a pretty sight, and that is understandable for he was but a log.

One day it so happened, that the log went out for a midnight snack to the rusty old barn. Not with anyone in particular, it was just him (he thought) that would walk into the barn that night as it wasn’t Christmas. Not like the barn bustles with people on a Christmas eve- it just serves extra cabbage soup. As the log entered the barn on that moonlit night, he noticed Mr. Glue- the gallant glue stick sitting by the window sill. The log thought to himself- “My, I haven’t seen a more Gallant Glue Stick since I’d been to the city!” and with that thought, he went on further into the cafe for a cup of tea, then back home as he felt that sleep is vital for every log.

As the log settled in for the night on an unusually comfortable sack of potatoes, he heard a sharp knock on the door.
“Who’s there?” he asked as he got up and walked towards the door.
“It’s Mr. Glue sir. I bring news from the city.”
Satisfied with the answer, the Log opened the door. The gallant glue stick.
“Why if it isn’t Mr. Glue from… uhh…”
“From the city sir”
“Ah yes… Mr. Glue from the city, with the news from the city I presume?”
“Quite right sir.”
“Well come in, come in. What brings you here?”
“It’s the news from the city, sir. It seems that the town crier is missing.”
“Oh dear! Did they check by the fountains? Perhaps he must’ve run out of tears.”
“Why, we hadn’t thought of that! We shall send troops to the fountains at dawn.”
“Very well, then. I assume your work here is done, for I know no more. But Stick around for a while Mr Glue, while I make you a hot cup of tea.” Said the log, in a ‘glad to have you for tea’ tone.

The glue stick went back to the city after having 3 cups of tea that night, and just as the log had suggested, they found the town crier by the fountain that day (he indeed had run out of tears). The log continued his midnight snack routine, and that’s why there are tomatoes.

Yes, this is the end.Tomatoes__Singing


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