From the window sill

Early in the morning In the middle of the night
I sat on the window sill thinking what to write

I thought I’d write about my shopping spree
but then I found myself under a banyan tree

Something was unusual something wasn’t right
for everything I saw was either black or white

I blinked once or twice or maybe thrice
shocked that a squirrel was serving me some rice

I was led by a zebra into the land of ‘change’
and then the network in my phone beeped “you have zero range”

The weather changed fast, and so did the air
and because of this black crows turned fair

We stepped into a land where the moon gave light
where rats could speak and donkeys took flight

This land of opposites had trees upside down
dogs unaffected by silence or sound

A land came in view, a land rich and ripe
a land known for its seventy seas- the land of snipe

The people of snipe were a crore or two
and cheetah’s there sold green mountain dew

We went on further to a land named meird
and like its name, things there were weird

At a distance, I saw five humongous toads
and oh! The fishes there, they walked on the roads

The pigeon with a hat said hello to a cat
Bewildered I sat on a log named Matt!

A bat that could bark- I think his name was stark
whose brother was a lark who would brush in the dark

People skied on the sand, dogs played in a band
I couldn’t understand if this was all planned

So as I heard the bulldog sing
I thought I was on an airplane wing

So I shut my eyes and stood real still
then I found myself back on the window sill.


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