Book Reviews


Book title: A Voice In The Dark -By Catherine Mackenzie

The book takes us through the life of Richard Wurmbrand, who was in a country where it was forbidden to worship God in public. How thankful must we be that we can worship Him anywhere and anytime we want to!  This book beautifully portrays a life that was changed from wild living to being sold out for God and passing on the joy of Jesus, no matter the situation. Arrested for believing in God, thrown into prisons with bad hygiene and rough interrogations, being treated worse than an animal, refrained from any form of literature, Richard saw the cruel side of life. But in spite of all of that, he encouraged himself in God and His promises which he would recall from the Bible. It talks about how we can love our enemies, about happiness that lasts, about words that bring life, about forgiveness, and much more!
A Voice In The Dark is definitely a page turner.